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Again & Again Archives

To watch Again & Again archives:

Click on the link to the date of the show to view the archive. You can also subscribe to the Aurora's Message YouTube channel to be notified when a new episode is available.

The affirmations given on each week's show are listed on each show page, and in their own section for you to use or share with others as you feel guided, please visit the Again & Again Affirmations page for more information.

This page lists the most current Again & Again shows, pages with past shows can be found at the bottom of the table. Have a question about the Again & Again Show? Check out the Again & Again FAQs

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Again & Again Archives - Current Shows

July 9, 2014

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Crystal: Rose Quartz

Karen discusses meditation and all of its forms on this week's show, topics include Karen's weekly meditation circle and the Power of 12 community meditation, as well as active meditations such as walking, yoga, qigong and tai chi. Karen also talks about transiting Jupiter in Leo. The Past Life Pattern for this show was The Infidel.

Going with the Flow
July 3, 2014

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Crystal: Moonstone

Karen discusses how to shift out of worry and learn to go with the flow of life. When we get caught up in what we think we are supposed to do, we can push against the flow of the energy that the Universe is moving us toward. Learning to accept what is in the now and that change is an inevitability will help us to shift into this mind set.

Crystals for Healing
June 25, 2014

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Crystal: Kunzite

Karen's guest this week is Earth Wisdom Council Guide and crystal healer, Evergreen Amundson. Karen also discusses Chiron's Retrograde transit in Pisces, and how that astrological transit will assist in bringing emotional wounds having to do with spirituality to the surface. The Past Life Pattern for this show was The Victim.

Our Animal Friends
June 11, 2014

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Crystal: Chrysocolla

Karen is joined by Animal Communicator Wendy Van De Poll for a discussion about our animal friends. Karen also provides pointers for how to handle this Mercury Retrograde period, and also shares information about the Past Life Pattern called the Utilizer.

Handling Urgency
June 5, 2014

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Crystal: Blue Quartz

Handling urgency is the topic of this episode of Again & Again Extra. Urgency is an energetic dynamic with many components, including fear, worthiness and anxiety. Karen's guest is Intuitive Artist Laurie Regan, and she shares her experiences with how to handle this tricky feeling. Karen also answers a question from a listener on how to create more protection around one's personal energy field.

Past Lives & Astrology
May 28, 2014

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Crystal: Lapis Lazuli

On this week's show, Karen Downing is joined by special guest, Astrologer Valerie Shinn. Karen and Valerie talk about the connection between past lives and astrology. Karen also discusses the New Moon energy, creating your intentions and explains the past life pattern of The Ruler.

Questions Show
May 22, 2014

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Crystal: Kunzite

Join Karen for the monthly Questions Show on Again & Again Extra. Viewers questions are answered all show long. Topics of discussion include, work changes, messages from guides, past lives and more. Karen also provides the affirmation and crystal for this week's show.

New Format
May 14, 2014

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Crystal: Smoky Quartz

This is the premier of the new format of Again & Again with Karen Downing. Karen introduced her new show, talked about her own spiritual development process, explained The Warrior past life pattern, and also answered questions from listeners.

May Astrology
May 1, 2014

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Crystal: Magnetite

Unfortunately, the video archive did not publish for this week's show. We discussed the May Astrology energies known as the Star of David, and the lingering effects of the Grand Cross. We also talk about the powerful opposition on May 19.

Apr 24, 2014

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Crystal: Snowflake Obsidian

Karen Downing and guest Laurie Regan discuss different forms of meditation and the importance of meditation for spiritual development. One area of discussion was how to set intentions for your personal meditations, and also how to utilize meditation to facilitate the alignment process with the Higher Energies in channeling development. Karen and Laurie also talk about the positive energy and effects of meditation in a group format, such as a Meditation Circle.

Q & A Show
Apr 17, 2014

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Crystal: Jasper

Karen Downing and Astrologer Valerie Shinn talk about the current astrological energies and how they are affecting our life. Learn about the Cardinal Grand Cross and the April eclipse energies. On the last half of the show, Karen will answer questions from the live viewing audience.

The Ego
Apr 3, 2014

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Crystal: Chrysoprase

Karen discusses the part of us known as the Ego. Once the part to us that kept us safe and feeling secure in our life, this force now uses our emotions to keep us from moving forward. Learn about how the Ego dwells in the extreme expressions of life, and how you can listen to the words of the Ego to learn about how it is attempting to influence you.

Ascended Masters
Mar 27, 2014

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Crystal: Moldavite

Karen Downing and special guest Laurie Regan discuss the Ascended Masters on this week's show. Who are the Ascended Masters and why do they want to work with us? Karen also discusses her first encounter with a Master's energy, and how that meeting was very influential on her spiritual path.

March Q & A
Mar 20, 2014

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Crystal: Sodalite

Karen answers questions from the live viewing audience. There are a wide range of questions addressed on this monthly Q & A show. Topics include: messages from guides, past lives, spiritual development and intuitive guidance for family issues.

March Astrology Show
Mar 13, 2014

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Crystal: Malachite

Valerie Shinn joins Karen this week to discuss the current astrological energies. This month's conversation is all about how to handle change. We talk about Jupiter turning retrograde, and Mercury returning to direct motion.

Mar 6, 2014

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Crystal: Okenite

We have a new special guest this week! Leta Hamilton is on the show, talking about her experience as being a channel for Archangel Michael. Leta shares her experiences of being a channel, and how she opened up to working with the higher energies. Leta's latest book, 100 Daily Messages About The Dimensions and Realms will be available soon.

Topics on Spirituality
Feb 27, 2014

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Crystal: Snowflake Obsidian

During this week's show, Karen Downing and Laurie Regan discuss the feeling of processing other's emotions and how that relates to one's own spiritual development. Everything that you experience is there for a purpose, either to teach you about the experience itself, or to show you something about yourself that you still need to learn. We are all in the process of working on improving ourselves.

Feb Astrology
Feb 13, 2014

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Crystal: Andradite

Astrologer Valerie Shinn joins the show this week to discuss what is happening in the Sky. We talk about Mercury Retrograde, and the full moon on Valentine's Day and what that can mean for date night. Karen also answers questions from the audience at the end of the show.

Past Life Energy
Feb 6, 2014

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Crystal: Sugilite

Karen Downing discusses past life energy, and the importance of understanding the emotions and dynamics that we bring into our current incarnation. The purpose of learning about your past lives and past life patterns is to understand the source of your fears, actions, preferences and so forth. Once you understand the how the past life dynamics are affecting you now, you can transform those pieces of your past life energy that you no longer need.

Chakra Development
Jan 30, 2014

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Crystal: Vanadinite

Karen talks about current Earth energies and how they are affecting the chakra system. As the chakra system expands to accept the new energy, each person becomes a highly energized conduit for the Universal energy to flow through. It will become increasingly important to facilitate the connection of the universal energy to the Earth.

Headaches and Spiritual Development
Jan 23, 2014

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Crystal: Diamond

On this week's show, Karen and regular guest Laurie Regan discuss the physical symptoms that many people are feeling now. Laurie shares her experiences with head energy, headaches and opening up to a higher energy. There were also many great questions asked in the chat room about head and stomach pains, and what they indicate for spiritual development.

Capricorn Energy
Jan 16, 2014

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Crystal: Carnelian

Astrologer Valerie Shinn is on the show today to talk about the current energies in the sky. She talks about the powerful Capricorn New Moon on January 1st, Venus Retrograde, the Cancer Full Moon on the 15th, and the upcoming Mars retrograde in Libra. Karen makes some personal and global predictions based on Valerie's assessment of the energy.

Q & A - Live Readings
Jan 2, 2014

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Crystal: Nebula Stone

Karen answers questions from the live viewing audience. The topics of the questions asked include past lives, connecting with your spirit guides, meditation, personal predictions for 2014, relationships, work issues and much more.
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