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Frequently Asked Questions

Please look through the various FAQs to assist you in uncovering more information to help you navigate Aurora's Message. If you have any further questions that are not answered in this section, please email

When you click on a question you will be taken directly to the answer, to view all answers in a particular section, please click on the link at the bottom of each section listing.

Intuitive Services

Intuitive Services FAQs

1. How do Intuitive Services work? Read the answer

2. Are all Intuitive Services 100% accurate? Read the answer

3. What about false prophets? Read the answer

4. Can you really get into the energy via email? Read the answer

5. I cannot get the email questions form to work, what do I do? Read the answer

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Rose Quartz Coaching

Rose Quartz Coaching FAQs

1. How can Rose Quartz Coaching help me? Read the answer

2. Why is looking at the emotions so important? Read the answer

3. Can my life really change for the better? Read the answer

4. Why is Rose Quartz Coaching organized in a 10-week program? Read the answer

Read all Rose Quartz Coaching FAQs - Visit the Rose Quartz Coaching Page

General Questions

General FAQs

1. What is an Ascended Master? Read the answer

2. What is the difference between Angels and Ascended Masters? Read the answer

3. What if I don't believe in past lives? Read the answer

4. Why is there all this talk about energy? Read the answer

5. What religion are you? Read the answer

6. Why should I join your newsletter? Read the answer

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Channeling FAQs

1. Why does someone call themselves a channel? Read the answer

2. Why are channeled sessions more expensive than intuitive services? Read the answer

Read all Channeling FAQs - Visit the Channeling Page

Aurora Store

Store FAQs

1. When is your book going to be done? Read the answer

2. I am having problems with PayPal, do you have another payment option? Read the answer

3. Why is the personal tone priced higher than the other meditations? Read the answer

Read all Aurora Store FAQs - Visit the Aurora Store Page


Astrology FAQs

1. Why should I believe in Astrology? Read the answer

2. How can the planets really affect my life? Don't I have a choice? Read the answer

3. I have read my astrology in the newspaper before and it doesn't ever seem to make sense, can you tell me why? Read the answer

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Again & Again Show

Again and Again FAQs

1. I want to ask a question on Again & Again, how do I do that? Read the answer

2. How do I suggest a topic for you to talk about on Again & Again? Read the answer

3. How do I watch the show? Read the answer

4. I missed last week's show, where can I find it? Read the answer

Read all Again & Again FAQs - Visit the Again & Again Show Page


Crystal FAQs

1. How can crystals help me? Read the answer

2. Why do you only have a few crystals up? Read the answer

3. Why do you say not to use Moonstone in water during a full moon? Read the answer

Read all Crystal FAQs - Visit the Crystal Page


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