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The questions below are on the topic of Channeling, Channeled Messages and similar services here on Please read through the various FAQs below and if you have any additional questions, you can email Karen at

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Channeling FAQs

Why does someone call themselves a channel?

A channel is someone who brings forth a higher energy in some capacity. Everyone can be a channel, as we are all connected to Source energy. Typically when someone refers to themselves as a channel, they are someone who has specifically chosen to work with certain higher energies to bring messages, teachings or healing to humanity.

Why are channeled sessions more expensive than intuitive services?

Channeled sessions require more energy than intuitive services. In any of the intuitive services, Aurora is still with Karen, but Karen remains present; this state is sometimes referred to as conscious channeling. During a channeled session, Aurora is fully present and Karen's essence pulls back completely. In order to accomplish this, more energy is brought through Karen's physical body and into the room, therefore the fee is higher compared to the intuitive guidance sessions.


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