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Affirmation Photo Zip File

This Zip File contains the 20 affirmation photos shown below. These are all original photographs taken by Karen Downing with the energy of Aurora, and each photo is paired with a positive affirmation.

Photos in the Zip File are each jpg files with dimensions of 2048 x 1536 pixels. Download this Zip File to your computer to make a screen saver, slide show, or for your desktop background for only $19.50.

After payment has been received through Paypal, you will receive an email containing a link to download a Zip file that includes all of the photos. Be sure to save your file in a folder location that you will be able to find later. In order to use the files, you will first have to Extract them from the Zip File (For Windows you can right click on the folder and you will get an option to Extract or Unzip)

Affirmation Photos

Abudance Affirmation
"I am open to receive the Abundance of the Universe."

Acceptance Affirmation
"I accept myself, my value and my appearance."

Anticipation Affirmation
"I always anticipate excellence."

Balance Affirmation
"I am calm and balanced."

Blessings Affirmation
"I choose to see others in a new Light. Everyone is a Blessing to me."

Clarity Affirmation
"I am a clear channel for Love, Light and Knowledge."

Confidence Affirmation
"I have the self-confidence to succeed."

Creation Affirmation
"I am conscious of my power to create a great destiny."

Empowerment Affirmation
"I have the power to make my life better in every way."

Faith Affirmation
"I visualize my goals with excitement and faith."

Freedom Affirmation
"I am free to be me."

Rewards Affirmation
"I am being rewarded for my efforts."

Infinite Being Affirmation
"I am infinite being."

Love Affirmation
"I see myself and others with Love."

No Limits Affirmation
"There is no limit to Me."

Peace Affirmation
"I am Relaxed. I live with patience and Peace of Mind."

Rebirth Affirmation
"I let go of the past and ALL of my fears. I am free."

Serenity Affirmation
"I have serenity in my life."

Strength Affirmation
"I have great inner strength."

Success Affirmation
"I have permission to be successful."

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