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Here is a listing of recent Articles featuring Karen Downing. Please choose the link for to each article to read the text in full. You can look through a listing of Karen's TV and radio appearances here.

Featured Article - ~ Wisdom from Karen Downing

"Never give up on yourself. You are, and always will be, the most important person in your life, for your life would not exist without you. You are capable of anything. In order to attain any accomplishment, you must believe that you are worthy of achieving it! Everything in your life can assist you in some way, but if you focus on the have-nots,then you will always be wanting for more." Read more here Article June 1, 2014 ~ Unmasking Urgency

"There is such a strong conditioning in our society today to push to make things happen, to perform many tasks at once and to rush through them. This creates a strong sense of urgency, anxiety and high stress levels in much of humanity today." Read more here Article May 1, 2014 ~ So You Want to be a Channel?

"Many people often to express to me their desire to be a channel for Spirit, but often they don’t feel that they are worthy enough to fulfill the task. Being a channel is not about becoming more Holy, spiritual, or Godly; it is about learning to move the Self part of you aside and to allow the words and love of the Higher Energies to flow through you." Read more here Article April 1, 2014 ~ Moving Forward in Vibration

"One of the questions I am asked on a regular basis is, “How can I move forward in vibration?” My answer is; become aware of all pieces of who you are. Awareness is one part observation, one part honesty and one part willingness to change." Read more here

Ask A Luminary Question - March 7, 2014 ~ How Can I Find My Inner Strength and Purpose?

"To discover who you are and what your purpose is, the first question you need to ask yourself is, “What brings me joy?” Your life purpose is always aligned with what fulfills you in your heart. Most people have an idea of what this is, but don’t feel that it is their life purpose. This can be for many reasons, such as they don’t feel that it can make them money, or they don’t see their purpose as important enough." Read more here. Article March 1, 2014 ~ The Daily Exercise of Surrender

"Progressing on your spiritual path is a daily exercise. There is not one day that does not matter, and yet at the same time, each day brings its own challenges, choices and experiences." Read more here

One Resource for Authors Blog February 13, 2014 ~ Using Filler Words

"There are many distractions that can clog up the flow of writing, don’t let finding the “right” word be one of them. Writing is a process that we can hinder, or facilitate, by how much pressure we put on ourselves to put words on a page. However, as writers, we must always remember that our first draft is never identical to our final copy." Read more here Article February 1, 2014 ~ Vulnerability is Strength

"During the month of February, much of the Earth plane looks to the energy of Love and what it means for them in their life. One of the aspects of Love that is often not explored is that of vulnerability. For many people, vulnerability is a negative term, and they feel it represents weakness, or being lesser than someone else. However, Vulnerability’s true definition is to allow another person to be permitted into your life and heart." Read more here

Ask A Luminary Question - December 27, 2013 ~ How Can I Be More Confident?

"Confidence is an inside-out issue, meaning that it first must come from within, before it can be truly expressed on the outside. First, discover the areas of life in which you are not confident." Read more here. Article November 1, 2013 ~ Hidden Pride

"Pride is one the least noticed emotions that the Self uses over us. Many people are aware of the expression of pride that comes from boastful behavior, or self-righteousness. But, one part of pride that alludes most people is the hidden pride of understating oneself." Read more here

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