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Channeled Messages

Current Channeled Writings

Each month Aurora shares a written message on current events or other energies affecting the Earth plane. Read about how channeling works here. These monthly messages are posted in the Channeling Archive. You can sign up to receive an email notification whenever a new message is posted by filling out the form to the left. As our gift to you, you will receive a copy of 77 Affirmations for Life, Love and Prosperity!

The most recent message from April 15, 2014 is called Eclipse Revelations. This recent message talks about how to use the energy of Astrological event, such as the eclipse, to uncover hidden aspects of your Ego. Here is an excerpt of that message from Aurora:

The recent eclipse is the harbinger of great and profound change on Earth. But, that change begins within each and every soul first. Collectively, change will not be facilitated without first looking within and creating change in one’s own life.  In the process of Ascension (raising one's vibration), there is a moment where each individual comes face-to-face with the aspects that have been hiding within their deep subconscious memories.

It is not easy to confront these aspects and to look at them honestly, for they originate in past life experiences, and those can be challenging to assess in an impartial manner. When you are living your life now, you have blinders on when it comes to how you view yourself from a past life perspective. You tend to judge things in an all-or-nothing classification, without taking the time to genuinely look at your emotions and behaviors.

Read the entire current channeled message

While your here, take time to look at the Ask Aurora section of Aurora's Message. In these Questions and Answers, many other lightworkers have allowed for their questions from email questions to be shared in the spirit of growth and learning.

Have a question about the Channeling process or channeled messages? Please take a look at the Channeling FAQs.

Channeled Sessions

Private channeled sessions are also available with Aurora. These private sessions are done with Aurora fully coming in to speak directly to you, and can be conducted via Skype or in-person. Please visit the Channeled Sessions page to find out more. Read this testimonial about channeling.

There are also other personal sessions available where Karen is still present and brings Aurora through in what is known as a conscious channeled state. Read about Intuitive Guidance Sessions to find out more.

Channeling 101

You can learn to be a channel for Spirit too! Channeling is already something you do every time you pray, meditate or connect with your own intuition. There are many different forms of channeling, but all require you to connect with a higher energy.

Each of us has a column of light that extends from our crown chakra all the way to the energy known as the Ultimate Being (God). That column of light also includes our guides, Master teachers, Angels, and any higher level beings wishing to work with us. Start the process of aligning with the higher energies working with you in this fantastic 2-hour private course! Read more about Channeling 101 here.


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