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What is Channeling?

What is Channeling?

Channeling is a process by which an individual slowly merges their energy with the energy of a spiritual being over time. This is something that both souls agreed to do prior to the physical incarnation of the person involved in this process. When a person first begins channeling, information may "pop out of the mouth" about events, people or places. In fact, everyone is a channel for Spirit through their higher self in some way, and can work with other spiritual beings as well. Channeling is merely another word to describe the process of connecting with a Higher Energy. These higher energies go by many names; Ascended Masters, Master Teachers, Saints, Angels, Heavenly Hosts and even Other Worldy Beings.

Karen has been working with Aurora since childhood, but had no knowledge of the channeling process until 2006. At that time, channeling seemed like quite the scary concept, mostly because many describe it to be akin to one energy taking over the body of another. In June of 2006, Karen attended her first channeling, and once she felt the energy change and the beauty and love pour through, that was all the proof she needed about the beauty of this process of aligning with the beautiful energies from the World of Spirit.

From that time on, Karen began to work on developing her own spiritual gifts, and it was during that time she was introduced to the energy of Aurora. At the time of their introduction, Aurora was called Sister by many who knew her.

Many people often ask if there is a difference between the energies of Aurora and Sister, and there is not. We must remember that spiritual beings do not need to have a specific name in reference to them, and they will respond to whatever we choose to call them. They can go by any name that they have lived a past life as, or by the name they are known as in the spiritual realms. When asked what she wished to be called for the purposes of this website and the teachings involved, Aurora was the reply given.

It was actually during February of 2007 that Karen realized that she was working with the energy of Aurora. While Karen was attending meditation classes, Aurora began to speak short messages, and it was at this time that short writings from Aurora would also come through. During 2007 and 2008, Aurora's energy began to merge more and more with Karen, until Aurora's written and spoken messages started to come through with more clarity and less interference.

Often there is a learning curve involved with channeling, because it can be easy for the channeler to interpret the messages from the spiritual energy instead of simply allowing the words to be spoken. There is such a great deal of trust that needs to take place on both parts in order for the channeling process to be successful.

In June of 2009, Karen created Aurora's Message to give Aurora an avenue to share messages on love and compassion and to help souls on the Earth plane empower themselves and to master the experience of life. When bringing forth a channeled writing or message, Karen simply goes into a meditative state where her personal Ego cannot interfere with the transmission from Aurora. Once Karen is in this state, Aurora brings her energy to merge with Karen's and gives the message.

Aurora merges with Karen's spiritual body through what is called the etheric gateway, located at the back of the neck. This is where Aurora's energy can enter and leave Karen's auric field. This etheric gateway is designed to only allow certain energy signatures to come through, meaning that only Karen, Aurora and other energetic souls who have an agreement with Karen, can come in. When a higher energy is present, their energy flows through the channeler's chakra system and body, this energy can be seen and sensed by many, and even captured in photographs. The first photograph below is one example of this. Look at the top photograph for a few seconds, and see what you feel about it for yourself.

Aura when Channeling
Karen showing how she uses Color Therapy

These two photographs were taken just seconds a part, with the only difference being the way the camera was held. Both are untouched, with the exception of being resized to fit this page. The top photograph was taken first, showing a huge amount of light connected to Karen's crown chakra. There is no light source in the ceiling of the room where this photo was taken. The only light source in the room is on the right side of the picture.

These photos were taken with the intent to showcase how Karen often uses color therapy to heal and clear herself after doing work, however once the photos were taken, the happy surprise of showing Karen's alignment with a higher energy was truly a beautiful thing to witness.

When viewing a channeling in person, many people report seeing this aura around Karen and/or a change in her appearance, mannerisms, voice inflection and even posture. You will always know when someone is channeling a higher energy because the message will be filled with beauty, love and peace.

When giving a message, Spirit will never make declarations or directives, only suggestions. If you are ever in question about the source of a channeler's message, go within and see how your body feels. Do you feel an energy touching your heart chakra? Do you feel uplifted? If you do not feel this way upon receiving a channeled message, then often times it can be because this person's Ego is becoming involved in the process.

The purpose of channeling is to heal and help those whom read/hear the messages and to provide upliftment and guidance on how to work through any issues coming up for release. Anyone can become a channel for Spirit, learn about Channeling in the Channeling Development course series, starting with Channeling 101.

Have a question about the Channeling process or channeled messages? Please take a look at the Channeling FAQs, or email Karen at

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