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Soul Mission Coaching

Soul Mission Coaching is all about you and your mission in life. What is your Soul calling you to do? How can you begin to accomplish your Soul Mission today? Soul Mission Coaching is a four step process that helps you to discover the answers to those questions, and the answers to the questions you forgot to ask, with Karen helping and encouraging you all along the way.

Why Soul Mission Coaching?

  • Do you feel lost or unsatisfied in your life?
  • Do you feel a calling to do something great in this world, but don't really know how you are going to accomplish it?
  • Would you like to have more confidence in yourself?
  • Would you like to increase your ability to manifest the connections and resources you need?

If you answered yes to just one question, then Soul Mission Coaching can help you to live your purpose! Read on below for the four steps involved in how Soul Mission Coaching reconnects you with your Soul Mission and life purpose.

Step 1: Connecting with your Higher Self - This involves us working together to connect with your gifts and talents on a soul level, as well as the challenges you face now at trying to bring your Soul Mission and talents to the world. During this time we will uncover your life purpose and also discuss many of the possible ways you can accomplish your Soul Mission.

Step 2: Building up gifts and working around challenges - We will concurrently work at building up your confidence in the talents you already have, and helping you to work around the challenges that show up. As you strike down the voice of the Ego more and more, you begin to gain more confidence and develop a deeper belief in yourself and what you are here to do.

Step 3: Creating an action plan - Based on what we have discovered in the steps above, we will create an action plan for how you are going to begin to take the next steps toward your Soul Mission.

Step 4: Putting your plan into action - Sometimes the most difficult part of life is taking those action steps. Karen will be right along your side as you begin to put your plan into action. That way when you encounter resistance (and we know the Ego LOVES to create resistance), you will have someone who can guide you, not only through it, but also help you to learn from it, so your Ego will not be able to use those stall tactics again.

Read the following testimonials about Coaching sessions with Karen Downing.

"I'm so thankful for the work you do and that you make your self available for me and others to work with you and your beautiful energy and talents. The work you are doing is so important for the path of so many, and working with you has given me so much more than I will ever be able to fully thank you for. So again, Thank you Karen for everything." - K.S. from Reykjavik

"Karen has amazing loving energy and incredible keen insights in the workings of spirit. My coaching sessions with Karen have gently taken me past blocks, and shown me just what I needed to know about myself to have total confidence in my own ability to work with Spirit. I highly recommend Karen to anybody looking to take their spiritual practice / work to a new level." - B.C. from Seattle

Soul Mission Coaching

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Soul Mission Coaching Investment

Soul Mission Coaching is a 10-week, one-on-one intensive coaching program. The coaching package includes:

  • ten 2-hour coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email questions and email contact during the 10-week coaching period

Start by emailing Karen at or calling 425-654-4417 to schedule a 15 minute free discussion with Karen about the Soul Mission Coaching program.

Or, if you know you are ready to begin, you can also sign-up by making a payment below. From there we will come up with a schedule for our 10 sessions. Thank you!

Pricing Options:

Add Option 1 to Cart Option 1:* 10 weekly payments of $260 = Total $2,600
Add Option 2 to Cart Option 2:* 2 payments of $1,200 = Total $2,400
Add Option 3 to Cart Option 3: 1 payment of $2,200

*Options 1 and 2 are run by subscription. Payments for Option 1 will be made on the same day of the week, each week for 10 weeks. Payments for Option 2, will be 2 payments both made on the same day of the month for 2 months in a row. Option 3 is a one time payment.

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