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Rose Quartz Coaching

Karen offers Rose Quartz Coaching for enhancing your intuition, healing abilities, channeling and also to develop your intuitive gifts into your own business. A variety of subjects will be discussed depending on each person's specific goals and level of spiritual development. Read these testimonials about Rose Quartz Coaching with Karen.

Why Rose Quartz Coaching? It is a spiritual growth plan developed with the energy of the Rose Quartz in mind. Love, wisdom and compassion are the cornerstones of this program. Be sure to read the Rose Quartz Coaching FAQs to answer any additional questions you may have.

Rose Quartz Coaching courses are held in ten of 2-hour sessions, 1 per week for 10 weeks. Sessions are conducted either in person or via Skype, and are recorded. Each 2-hour session will usually include time for questions, a discussion of what energies are coming up for release, an activity specifically designed to help you with your spiritual goals and a guided meditation with Aurora.

Rse Quartz Coaching

We will come up with a unique plan tailored to your specific spiritual goals.

  • Would you like to increase your abilities to tune into your guides/masters/angels?
  • Would you like to have the tools to understand when it is intuition coming through versus your own Self/Ego?
  • Would you like to have more confidence in yourself?
  • Would you like to increase your abilities to manifest people and resources in your life?

If you answered yes to just one question, then Rose Quartz Coaching can help you to change your life for the positive.

Rose Quartz Coaching Fees

Rose Quartz Coaching includes 10 weeks of an intensive Coaching program. Each 10-week package includes:

  • ten 2-hour coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email questions and email contact during the 10-week coaching period

Pricing Options:

Option 1: 10 weekly payments of $260 = Total $2,600

Option 2: 2 payments of $1,200 = Total $2,400

Option 3: 1 payment of $2,200

Start by emailing Karen at to talk about what your specific goals for spiritual development are. You can also sign-up by making a payment below. From there we will come up with a schedule for our 10 sessions. Thank you!

Please pay for your course fee, here and you will receive an email from Karen with details. Thank you!

You can also pay for your Rose Quartz Coaching on the Square Marketplace.

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Payment Options

Additional Information

All In-person Rose Quartz Coaching Sessions are held at the Meadow Creek Business Center in Issaquah, WA. Rose Quartz Coaching can also be held via Skype. If you are interested in just one session, why not consider getting an Intuitive Guidance Session in order to ask of Spirit what you wish to know.

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