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Classes & Events in October 2014

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Discovering Past Life Patterns Discovering Past Life Patterns Understanding your past lives requires more than knowing the who, what, when and where. Once you are able to dive under the surface of the past life energy, you begin to discover your unique past life patterning. To assist you with discovering what past life patterns you carry, Karen Downing will introduce 12 past life patterns and discuss the two opposing expressions of each. Read more about Discovering Past Life Patterns here.
Understanding Past Life Patterns Understanding the Influence of Your Past Lives Are you interested in exploring how each of the 12 past past patterns has shown up in your soul history? Each person has a unique mix of the 12 patterns, some people only feel the influence of 1 or 2 patterns, while others can feel the influence of 10 or even more. This is a private course, held over 8 sessions, in which Karen will talk with you about the influence of your unique past life mixture and how it is affecting you life now. Read more about Understanding your Past Lives here.
Breaking Past Life Patterns Breaking Past Life Patterns This is the final step in the past life healing process. During this intensive program, Karen will work with you one-on-one for 6 months to help you clear, release, heal and move beyond your specific past life patterns. We will tune into your progress all along the way, to ensure you are truly breaking your past life patterns. Read more about Breaking Past Life Patterns here.
Learn to be a Channel Learn To Be A Channel Karen has designed a 4-step program for anyone who is ready to be a channel for the higher energies. Starting with Channeling 101, a course to connect you with the energies you work with, each subsequent course will increase your ability to connect with and trust in the specific energies who are ready to work with you! Learn more about this entire program here.
Rose Quartz Coaching Rose Quartz Coaching Jump start your spiritual path with Rose Quartz Coaching. We will come up with a program together, tailored to your specific spiritual growth needs. Read more about Rose Quartz Coaching here.
Mastering Metaphysics Mastering Metaphysics Course Series This 3 course series is the perfect place to start for anyone wishing to know more about the various topics within spirituality and metaphysics. We will discuss subjects such as, astrology, crystals, meditation, channeling, nature spirits, life on the other side, past lives and so much more. Throughout each of the three courses, you will be propelled forward on your personal spiritual development process, with the transformative energy of Aurora and other Ascended Masters. Read more about the Mastering Metaphysics Course Series here.
Again and Again Show Again & Again Show Listen to Karen on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 8:00 am Pacific Time on KKNW 1150 AM in Seattle, or online at Be sure to call in, and listen or watch live. Visit the Again & Again page to find out more about each month's schedule.

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