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Soul Mastery VIP Soul Mastery VIP This is a year long program designed to create total transformation in your life. Move from living a life of wondering what you are here to do, into living a life filled with purpose and passion. This program is only for those who are serious to change in their life, as a commitment of 1 year is required. Find out about the Soul Mastery VIP Program here.
Soul Mission Coaching Soul Mission Mentoring Do you often wonder what your purpose is and how you can put it into action in the world? Soul Mission Mentoring helps you to do just that. We first start by identifying your gifts and talents, as well as your challenges. Then we work concurrently at building up your strengths, and breaking down your challenges. Lastly, we take time together to create and execute a plan for you to put your purpose into action. Find out more about Soul Mission Mentoring here.
Introduction to Past Life Patterns Introduction to Past Life Patterns This is the place to begin. Understanding your past lives requires more than knowing the who, what, when and where. Once you are able to dive under the surface of the past life energy, you begin to discover your unique past life patterning. To assist you with discovering what past life patterns you carry, Karen Downing will introduce 12 past life patterns and discuss the two opposing expressions of each. Find out more about Introduction to Past Life Patterns here.
Past Life Discovery Past Life Discovery Are you interested in exploring how each of the past past patterns has shown up in your soul history? Each person carries a unique mix of patterns, some people only feel the influence of 3 or 4 patterns, while others can feel the influence of 10 or even more. This is a private course, held over 8 sessions, in which Karen will talk with you about the influence of your unique past life pattern mixture, how it is affecting you life now, and provide healing tools to catalyze your transformation process. Find out more about Past Life Discovery here.
Breaking Past Life Patterns Transforming Past Life Patterns This is the final step in the past life healing process. During this intensive program, Karen will work with you one-on-one for 6 months to help you clear, release, heal and transform your specific mixture of past life patterns. We will tune into your progress all along the way, to ensure you are truly learning from your past life patterns, healing your life and building up on those positive gifts you brought into your life now. Find out more about Transforming Past Life Patterns here.
Online Courses Online Courses Look for new online courses and video training systems coming soon!
Learn to be a Channel Learn To Be A Channel Karen has designed a 4-step program for anyone who is ready to be a channel for the Higher Energies. Starting with Channeling 101, a course to connect you with the energies you work with, each subsequent course will increase your ability to connect with and trust in the specific energies who are ready to work with you! Learn more about this entire program here.

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