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Crystals for Healing

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Muscovite Crystals

Muscovite Crystal

Astrological Information - Scorpio & the 8th House

Past Life Pattern - The Monk

Corresponding Chakra - Hands Chakra

Best Placement - Held gently in the hands.

Affirmation - "I use my energy to connect to the spiritual world. I trust the intuition and guidance I receive to allow me to move forward. I release any feelings of guilt or shame from this lifetime and others, and I see myself free from my own judgments."

Properties - "Muscovite is a mystical crystal with a strong angelic contact, stimulating awareness of the higher self. It links to the highest spiritual realms, facilities astral travel and opens up intuition. Muscovite assists in looking forward joyfully to the future and back to the past to appreciate lessons learned. Muscovite allows you to see yourself as the world sees you, therefore helping to release any perceived needs for secrecy." - from The Crystal Bible

Healing Remedies - Muscovite is an extremely fragile crystal and is not to be used in drinking water preparations or the bath tub. You can use Muscovite in oil-infusions, but the crystal will disintegrate over time. Muscovite is a great tool when placed next to photos and aids in spiritual communication during meditation. This crystal is wonderful in helping to create a sacred space in the home for any reader, healer, or anyone working on a spiritual level. Muscovite is also known as Mica.

Thank you to the beautiful book, The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall; Walking Stick Press, 2003 for being a valuable resource.

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