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Iceland Trip

Karen Downing had a wonderful trip to Iceland in September of 2012. Stay tuned to this page to find out more information about when Karen plans to return to Iceland in 2014. The events listed below will be held on the next trip to Reykjavik in 2014. (Dates to be announced)

If you missed the Live Channeling Event in Reykjavik, or could not attend, you can still purchase the MP3 file of the evening to listen to the message from Aurora, and the wonderful questions from the audience.

Below is more information about events to be held in the future. (Pricing is subject to change based on exchange rates).

Iceland's Aurora Borealis 

Mastering Metaphysics - Course 1

This is a three day course designed to give you a strong foundation in many metaphysical concepts. Each day there will be a 1 hour break for lunch, which will be provided. This course will cover many topics including: meditation, astrology, crystals, energy healing, animal communication, the chakras, levels of consciousness, and the Self and Higher Self. Read more about the Mastering Metaphysics Course 1 here.

This course will be recorded. Cost per person is US $1,900. Payments will only be accepted through PayPal for this course, and payment plans are available. To reserve your spot in the course, please pay the US $400 deposit. Within 24 hours of your payment, you will receive an email from Karen welcoming you to the course. In that email, there will also be instructions on setting up any payment arrangements, and a few questions necessary to prepare astrology charts and food for the course.

Channeling 101

This 2-hour course will be taught in a group session. We will discuss channeling, body changes, why energies from the Other Side want to work with us, and everyone in attendance will be activated on their channeling process. Read more about Channeling 101 to learn about all of the topics covered.

Channeling with Aurora

The live Channeling event was held Thursday September 13, 2012. Aurora discussed the connection between Iceland and Atlantis and current Earth energies. There was also a lively question and answer section. The channeling was approximately 2 hours an MP3 file of the channeling event can be purchased here for $15.

One-on-one Sessions

One-on-one Sessions are available in 60 minute time frames for the following services: Intuitive Guidance Readings, Past Life Analysis, Life Path Readings, and Chakra Analysis.

All services will be recorded for you. It is recommended that you schedule your appointment in advance, as spots are expected to fill quickly. To reserve your space, you can email Karen at or simply pre-pay for the amount of time your want. Karen will reply to you within 24 hours of email/payment with available time slots for your session.

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