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Your Soul Mission is calling you

Welcome to Aurora's Message, a place for you to rediscover your true self. That journey begins by gaining an understanding of who you are and what you are here to do. Each one of us has a special mission to share with the planet, and when we are not living it, we feel jaded, stressed out and bored.

But, what if you could live your purpose every day? Would you even know how to begin, or where to look to uncover all of the pieces of what you are here to do?

Somewhere inside of you is an inner calling, a calling reminding you that you have a Divine gift to share with the world. And, my gift is to help you to discover your mission, so that you can move into living your purpose and passion.

My name is Karen Downing and I am your Soul Mission Facilitator. We are in the process of moving to our new website, Please visit us over there to take the Soul Compass Survey to begin your quest to unearth Your Soul Mission!

Thank you and Blessings,

Karen Downing

Past Life Patterns

Past Life Patterns

How are your past lives affecting your life now? While it may be interesting to learn about the who, when and where of your past life experiences, it is much more helpful to understand what happened in your past lives. There are past life patterns that cover common experiences all throughout history. Read about each pattern and identify how it is showing up in your life today. Explore Past Life Patterns here.


Spiritual Classes

Soul Mission Training

Life is spiritual. Do you feel prepared for what lies in ahead? Discover and cultivate your inner gifts and talents. Learn what patterns are keeping you stuck in a loop, AND transform them for good. When you are ready to super-charge your life, enroll in Soul Mission Mentoring, for guided assistance to help you not only identify your soul mission, but also to live it! View all of the Spiritual Training Programs here.


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