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Please check out the websites listed below for additional resources on similar subject matters. These links are tools to help you gather information, please use your discernment to see what you resonate with. Thank you!

Read the many teachings of Maitreya on this website. Discover how you can connect with Maitreya's energy through a variety of services.

Astrology is a key component in understanding your life path and what you came here to complete in this incarnation.

Get a beautiful portrait of your guide or of yourself in a past life. These psychic drawings are amazing!

Read the channeled material from various sources all around the world! This wonderful website will assist you in understanding the power dynamic that existed for much of Earth's history. Learn
New Group of World Servers The School for Esoteric Studies is a part of New Group of World Servers dedicated to working for the betterment of humanity. Crystals, stones and gems of all kind! Located in Kirkland, WA, USA, and ships to anywhere around the world. Enhance your connection with Spirit with these Intuitive Writing classes and workshops. Find out about Bach Flower Essences and schedule a wonderful energy healing with this fantastic healer.

Visit this Social Networking Site for the Metaphysical community. Read Channelings, Teachings and other materials. Resources for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing for cancer survivors.

Visit this website for resources on self-growth in the areas of health, spirituality, business and much more!

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