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Abundance Meditations

As a result of teaching The Drawing in Abundance course, Aurora has developed a series of 4 guided meditations to help with identifying and removing past life energy and fears having to do with Abundance, as well as allowing yourself to draw in tools and guidance necessary to manifest the resources that you want and need in life.

Each meditation is approximately 60 minutes in length and sells for $9.95. Save when you purchase all four together for $34.80. After payment, you will receive an email with a link to download the files. Please email Karen if you have any problems with receiving your meditation files. Thank you!

Abundance Meditations

Identifying your Beliefs $9.95 -
In this meditation, you will be taken through your subconscious to reveal any lack-consciousness beliefs and/or receive any tools to help with the releasing of these beliefs. Many times these beliefs will show themselves in the form of past life energy, conditioning from this lifetime, or even undefined fear. Even if you do not see anything specific, Spirit will use the energy of this meditation to help you to begin the process of receiving guidance and resources by working on cleansing your emotional and etheric body.

Changing Your Belief Patterns $9.95 -
During this meditation you will be taken to a room to allow for the clearing and cleaning out of any energy that can be the source of fear, unworthiness or any other emotions that creates doubt when it comes to the manifestation process.

Drawing Abundance to You $9.95 -
To begin the process of drawing abundance in all its forms to you, you will be taken to a sacred space where you will receive gifts from Spirit. These gifts may be items, or even just energy. As you rest in this tranquil environment, these gifts will be attuned to your energy so that you will be able to start gaining more confidence and positive energy with your ability to manifest.

Opening up to Guidance and Trust $9.95 -
This is the last and most important step in any Abundance practice. For without trust in yourself and Spirit, the tools you have been given will not be maximized in their potential. Learn how to live in the now so that you can be in a receptive state to act on intuition and guidance as it comes through, and to also trust that you are worthy of this Divine communication. This meditation is about putting tools into action.

All 4 Abundance Meditations $34.80 -
This is a Zip File containing all four of the meditations listed above.


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