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Sessions with Karen Downing

Email Questions

You can ask questions on any subject. Common topics included past life energy, relationships, health concerns, family issues, pets, career questions, life path, soul name and so forth. The questions are only limited by what you can think of! If you prefer a session by phone, Skype or in person, please visit the Sessions with Karen Page to learn about the different options available.

The email questions process works as follows: After payment and questions have been received, they are placed in the queue. You will receive your response within 2-3 days. This is done to guarantee that only the highest energy is available to answer your questions.

You can read Aurora's answers to other's questions in the Ask Aurora section to see examples of what to expect. (These questions have been shared only with permission from the client)

Intuitive Email Readings

Once Karen is able to bring in Aurora's energy, the questions are answered and the reply is sent to the email address you entered in the form. You can Skip ahead to the Payment Area to purchase your questions now, or continue reading on to find out more about email questions.

All responses to email questions are channeled from Aurora and will be in reply to how your questions are addressed. Here are some pointers for addressing your questions:

1) Be specific - If you want to know details about something, be sure to ask for the details you want. For example if you ask the question, "Tell me about my future spouse" You may get a reply about the energy or emotional state of that person. And, that is great, if that is what you wish to know. But, if you are really asking that question because you want to know what they look like or what kind of job they have, then you will need to ask the questions that you desire to know.

2) There is no need to give extraneous information - If you want to find out about the past life you have with someone, you just need to give their name and perhaps the relationship to you (when there is more than one person with the same name in your life). The reply will be about the past life energy most strongly related to that relationship dynamic.

3) Have fun with it! - This is your time to ask whatever you want. There are so many amazing things to find out about yourself. If you need some ideas on questions to ask, just visit the Ask Aurora section. Still not sure what to ask? Consider scheduling a appointment for an Intuitive Guidance Session, in this session you are given whatever information is necessary for your best and highest good in that moment and time is also available for any questions that come up.

4) Do not be concerned with spelling or grammar - Your intention will be clear if you follow the above steps. It is not a problem if English is not a language you are comfortable with. There are also many great translation tools available. Just do your best to convey your question, and Spirit will take care of the rest!

Prices are in US Dollars and are:

  • 1 Question for $12
  • 2 Questions for $24
  • 3 Questions for $36
  • 4 Questions for $48
  • 5 Questions for $54
  • 6 Questions for $66
  • 7 Questions for $78
  • 8 Questions for $90
  • 9 Questions for $102
  • 10 Questions for $108
  • 11 Questions for $120
  • 12 Questions for $132
  • 13 Questions for $144
  • 14 Questions for $156
  • 15 Questions for $162

When it comes to predicting timelines of events and so forth, usually a time range will be given. This is because timelines can be changed by your choices; in the vast majority of cases there is a window of time that can be pin-pointed. The reason for this is simply because Earth is a free will planet and we can each affect the factors of when or why something may happen in our life.

Selected Questions and Answers will be chosen to share with others, only with your permission. All identifying information is removed before the Question and Answer are published on Aurora's Message. You can view these questions and answers in the Ask Aurora section. Please email if you have any questions or concerns about the email questions process, or to email your questions if you have problems with the email form.

Please pay for your questions below. You will automatically be sent to the email questions form after payment has been completed. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours telling you when you can expect your reply (within 2-3 days of your email request). Thank you!

If you need another payment option, you can also pay for your Email Questions in the Square Marketplace or on

Email Questions

1 Question - $12
2 Questions - $24
3 Questions - $36
4 Questions - $48
5 Questions - $54

Checkout with PayPal

Number of Questions

6 Questions - $66
7 Questions - $78
8 Questions - $90
9 Questions - $102
10 Questions - $108

Checkout with PayPal

Number of Questions

11 Questions - $120
12 Questions - $132
13 Questions - $144
14 Questions - $156
15 Questions - $162

Checkout with PayPal

Number of Questions

Do you want to have FREE email questions? All participants in the Soul Mission Coaching program and Channeling Development get free email questions during their classes!

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