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Aurora's Message Testimonials

Below are testimonials from clients about their experiences.

If you have enjoyed your experience with classes, coaching, channeling and/or sessions with Karne and wish to share how they have helped you on your path of spiritual growth, please use the testimonial form to share your experience. Thank you for your support!


Watch this amazing video from Miko. She received her Guidance on the Again & Again Show.

Channeling Development visit the Channeling Development page

"Karen’s Channeling 101 coaching was fabulous, as are her and the “Again & Again” show. Recommend all of Karen Downing’s services highly. She is extremely knowledgeable, has excellent communication skills, and answers questions with great clarity and detail. My Channeling 101 class answered so many questions why I’ve had such a large number of past lives to work with, such intense emotions (particularly anger and heartbreak), heart chakra activity, and now brain changes. Karen’s connection with Spirit is incredibly pure and true.  She is a wonderful teacher who is able to help you see the bigger picture, and is both practical and uplifting with her coaching, all with an infectious laugh!"

  • WRW
    Kirkland, WA, USA

Sessions visit the Sessions with Karen page

"Not only was Karen Downing one of my most exceptional students, but she is also an excellent reader. Although I am a great astrologer/reader myself, I cannot read myself, and it is then occasionally I reach out to a reader for myself. Karen is the one I reach out to, her understanding, compassion, and her incredible intuition help me enormously. You could not have anyone better than Karen to help you on your life path and to do a reading for you."

  • Margaret McElroy
    Concord, CA, USA

"Thank you for the session. It was exactly what I needed and you are always so spot-on and eloquent. Today I meditated and used the tools you gave me to deal with fears."

  • D.P
    Richmond Beach, WA, USA

"WOOHOOO!!! The testing company I asked you about just emailed me and offered a voucher to retake the test!!!!!!!! Just like you said in the session, I do not have to pay ANY money!!!! I am sooooooo happy!!! So thankful to GOD and Spirit and my guides!! Thanks for being a conduit of truth!!!!"

  • K.P.
    Talladega, AL, USA

"I've been so blessed for have a lots of help from you, can't say enough to you, 'Thank you'"

  • Y.F. and Kitty
    Bellevue, WA, USA

Courses visit the Courses page

"Before the course I was an extremely angry person with deep self-esteem problems which dominated my life. But somehow through experiencing the energy of the course and the powerful meditations the greater majority of this self-hatred has been removed. Without even trying I am unable to be so hard and negative with myself. I am less bothered about what other people think about me. Also I find it much more difficult to get angry when before I was getting angry all the time and wasting a lot of energy. I am noticing I have a lot more energy for my life. I also really appreciated Karen/Aurora answering all my questions and it was like a spring clean of questions that had built up. I felt comfortable asking personal questions and I found it a relief to get insights into the issues I had and learn about past lives. The course gave me exactly what I needed and more!"

  • S.H.
    London, UK

"If you are ready to move on in your spiritual development, Karen Downing's Mastering Metaphysics program is where you need to start. It changed my life. The mixture of topics presented will keep you captivated. I didn't want the course to end. I couldn't get enough. The energy throughout the entire gathering is just incredible and hard to describe. Being in that environment will open up flood gates of knowledge you need in order to pursue your life's destiny and start you on the path of personal discovery. The great thing is the energy does not end when the course is over. It has encouraged me to press forward to find ways to continue the development of the energy within me. My suggestion to you all. Register NOW!!! You won't be sorry."

  • D.H.
    Shoreline, WA, USA

Channeling visit the Channeling page

"Karen is an incredible channel for Spirit. The guidance and help I have received from Sister (the spirit Karen channels) through Karen is invaluable. I have been in many difficult situations which I could not overcome without the assistance from Sister (Aurora) through Karen. I have done sessions and private study with Karen both in person and through emails in the past few years, all these readings and study answered my questions, addressed my concerns and enabled me to face my fear, to gain insights and to move on with my life to a much better situation. There are no words that can describe my deepest gratitude to Karen, Sister and Spirit for their love, support and guidance. If you are at a crossroads, or you need guidance and help, please do not hesitate to contact Karen. You will be amazed by the guidance and answers you will receive."

  • J. L.
    San Francisco, CA, USA

Soul Mission Mentoring visit the Soul Mission Mentoring page

"My experience and journey with Karen as a Spiritual Teacher has been an extraordinary one. Learning from her for the last 3 years, the relationship has transcended beyond being just a course provider and has materialized into a deeper teacher-student bonding. Karen has help me transition during one of the most difficult periods of my life journey, helping me to break free from past life attachments/cords and successfully progress ahead. Would highly recommend all her courses as she adapts to each person's learning style, which is essential to break free from the shackles of this materialistic world and grow in spiritual understanding."

  • A.A.
    Dubai, UAE

"I'm so thankful for the work you do and that you make your self available for me and others to work with you and your beautiful energy and talents. The work you are doing is so important for the path of so many, and working with you has given me so much more than I will ever be able to fully thank you for. So again, Thank you Karen for everything."

  • K.S.
    Reykjavik, Iceland

"I have worked with Karen for many months and can say I have cleared much stagnant energy and learned many things about myself. Karen and Aurora have such a warm and inviting energy about them and it's easy to open up and feel safe. She is a great teacher, her intuition is right on and I know she can help anybody who seeks guidance. Much love Karen and Aurora *hug*."

  • A.M.
    Columbia, MD, USA

"Karen has amazing loving energy and incredible keen insights in the workings of spirit. My coaching sessions with Karen have gently taken me past blocks, and shown me just what I needed to know about myself to have total confidence in my own ability to work with Spirit. I highly recommend Karen to anybody looking to take their spiritual practice / work to a new level."

  • B. C.
    Seattle, WA, USA

"It has been such a blessing and pleasure to know someone as beautiful and gifted as Karen. She has been a powerfully bright light in my life. Karen is not only a loving & respectful Coach, but she's also sincere and down to earth. Karen is like that sister that always comes through for you when you need it the most. The Universe has bestowed a priceless gift when Karen was created. Her energy has helped me to embrace my own inner Divinity in miraculous ways. Thank you Karen for being you and touching my soul and countless others."

  • J. T.
    Redmond, WA, USA


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